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Friday, 29 July 2016

Second Ultrasound

We had scheduled a 3D ultrasound for when I was 15 weeks 1 day and I am so glad we did! My mom and sister came with us and it was so amazing to see our tiny baby moving around on that screen. I was so excited for this ultrasound because I was so impatient to find out what we we're having.

The tech said that she's 100% it's a girl! Now, I'm not sure about that 100% guarantee but what a joy it was to find out! I always thought we would only have boys because Branden's dad and paternal mosom (grandpa) have only ever had boys biologically, his uncle has one boy, and his other uncle has 1 girl, but that's out of five children, so I just figured they don't have much of the X chromosome going around. When she told us it was a girl I just could not stop laughing and giggling! What amazing wonderful news. Me and my mom were so happy and laughing up a storm. Meanwhile, I teased Branden because he too thought it was for sure a boy. I even bought boys clothes when I first found out I was pregnant (just a couple winter outfits that were on super sale).

Of course Branden is happy with whatever, but I think he was a little in shock when he first found out because he didn't say much (lol). Now he rubs my belly and says "my girls" to us and it's just the sweetest thing. Watching his mannerisms and how my pregnancy is making him a dad is just too awesome.

Another thing at the ultrasound was that baby was measuring much ahead and by her measurements baby is due on December 24, 2016! Which is much better than January 2, 2016. Now, I still want a New Years baby (come on January 1st baby) but it's so much nicer to move my apps ahead! Based on my lmp my due date is December 25, 2016 so this is much more believable to me than January.

We are so excited to meet you baby girl!

P.S. Because our ultrasound was so early I will not be totally surprised if "she" ends up being a "he" and either way I know we will be so in love with our mini! Not long now until our anatomy scan with our doctor. :D


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