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Friday, 22 July 2016

The First Trimester

When I first found out I was pregnant I struggled with who I wanted to share it with. I was SO happy and I wanted to shout it to all my closest friends and family, but at the same time I didn't want to share because A. as soon as my mom found out I knew she would tell everyone and their dog (bless her, she's been looking forward to my pregnancy for years) - and I wasn't ready for my co-workers to know, and b. I know some of my dear loved ones are struggling with infertility, and I wanted to be mindful of what they are going through. So we waited. I of course told my closest girl friends right away, because I needed them to be excited with me and so I could talk to them about it. They are the biggest bestest support group ever!

April 19, 2016 - 4 weeks pregnant
I was fairly lucky and my main symptoms in the first trimester were extreme fatigue, sore breasts, and smell aversions. I was so tired, and work felt like torture because I could barely keep my eyes open. Work was hard for another reason as well, I had a STRONG aversion to both the smell of coffee and the smell of smudge. The school is smudged every morning, and everyone lives on coffee (much like I used to), and oftentimes it would make me feel so sick. Not necessarily nauseous, but very unwell. April and May were so hard for these reasons, and at that time no one knew I was pregnant. 

April 23, 2016 - 5 weeks pregnant
I decided to share the happy news with my family on Mothers Day this year. I thought it would be so special to tell my mom she was going to be a Kokom again on this day. I was so looking forward to telling and and couldn't even wait. The day went by so slow! Even the days leading up to mother's day were slow. I was 7 weeks pregnant at the time, and three+ weeks of not telling my mom was pure torture! We told her to go sit on the couch and I gave her a little box. In it was a card (you can hear her reading it, inviting her to my first ultrasound), and baby's first moccasins. I think she was in shock ;)

The following Thursday was my first ultrasound! So dang exciting! Baby looked like a little grain of rice, haha! But, the tech showed us his/hers little strong heart beat, so that was reassuring. I was disappointed that baby was measuring behind what I'm sure was the due date. Because we were "trying" I kept pretty good track of EVERYTHING during that time. Not only that, I've tracked my period since 2011 (lol) so I know my cycle pretty good, and it's really predictable which gave me what I thought was a pretty accurate date for baby's due date (December 25, 2016). The tech gave me a dude date of January 2, 2016. Looking back I feel silly for being upset because of course the baby will come whenever they please, lol. But way back then, time was passing so slowly and I just wanted so badly to be past the scary first trimester.

The following weekend (I was about 2 months pregnant, May 14, 2016) we told my husband's family. He was so, so excited to tell his whole family. We were at a rodeo in Big Valley, it was night and everyone was sitting in their lawn chairs when Branden told me to go get out ultrasound picture of our little grain of rice. We just handed his mom the picture and let her figure it out. My brother-in-laws wife was the first one to clue in and she said, "you're pregnant!" and gave me a hug. Then everyone was cheering and exchanging handshakes.

Throughout May I was coaching track and field, and it was a little rough staying late after work to coach the kids. I was happy I did, but my exhaustion was so high, and it was wearing on me. It made me appreciate both mothers and coaches so much more. Every coach I've had during my time as a student athlete (and afterward with weightlifting) has been such a blessing to me and I often think about how grateful I am for their time and instruction. I was also grateful for a chance to interact with the kids a bit more. I work on the administration side of a jr/sr high school, but I loved any chance to get to know the kids at the school and I thought the best way to give back for all the coaching I received, was to help coach when I could.

I decided to tell my supervisors/boss at work at the end of May. I had originally planned to wait until the very end of my first trimester (end of June) to tell them, but my mom had let it slip to various people that she was getting a new grand-baby, so I figured it would be better if work found out through me and not through the community word-of-mouth of my pregnancy. I was also having a few appointments as I narrowed down a prenatal doctor, and being vague about my appointments was annoying me They were happy for me of course, and are supportive women for me during my pregnancy so I'm happy I told them.

I decided to tell the rest of my coworkers at a Staff Meeting in June, and wow, so fun! I could barely get the words out without choking on them (lol). For some reason in a room full of 25 other people I got a wee bit emotional saying that I was expecting my first child. My co-workers were so awesome and happy for me and I just love them for it.

8 Weeks || 10 Weeks || 14 Weeks

Apart from exhaustion and aversions I was incredibly lucky for my first trimester of pregnancy. I am so grateful for that. I did gain roughly 10 pounds during that time, and have stayed at that weight since. It was due to the fact that I went from an intense, and heavy daily workout routine, to barely any (heh, more on that later). I also had a high appetite before I got pregnant, and it only increased afterward. Plus, my digestion slowed down a bunch. I haven't gained much weight since and am hovering around 153lbs as of a week or so ago. I feel like I'm starting to pop out so I wouldn't be surprised if I'm a little bit higher than that.

We announced on social media near the end of the first trimester when I was 13 weeks on Father's Day (June 19, 2016). I am so excited for Branden to be a dad! It just makes my heart giddy when I imagine him with a little mini, girl or boy!

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  1. Awwww... I'm still so happy for you and Branden!! Got a little choked up with your post. Love you and can't wait to meet Lil Caca!!