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Thursday, 21 July 2016

Trying for a Baby

March 11, 2016. We had just arrived in Banff, AB for a ski trip. We were all checked in on the beautiful mountain resort at Sunshine Village when my husband told me that he was ready to take that next big step in our relationship. Babies! I could hardly believe my ears and I may have even asked if he had too much to drink (ha!). He was sure though, and remained sure in the following days and I was ready too. I didn't realize how much more I could love the guy but I was all starry eyed for him when I thought about miniature Branden's running around.  Half of him and half of me. It created something new in our relationship, and my love deepened in a special way.

"TTC" or trying to conceive is a crazy game. If you ever watched "What to Expect When You're Expecting" and you remember Elizabeth Bank's character, well that was me. The waiting is not fun, but it was so exciting and new.

On Thursday, April 14, 2016 I took a pregnancy test early in the morning, hoping so hard for a positive. I had already taken so many that week but I couldn't help feeling a little disappointed in the negative. That day I was going on a field trip with the Junior High students where I worked. We went to West Edmonton Mall, swam, had tons of fun, etc. I ended up buying another set of pregnancy tests that day and (being desperate and super impatient) took another test that evening. Very, VERY faintly, a second line popped up. My period wasn't due for four days, and you definitely had to squint to see the line but it was there!

I remember showing my husband and he couldn't really see it at all. Ha! I don't blame the guy, but I love him for hugging me and telling me "well if you think it's a positive, it's a positive!"

April 14, 2016. Okay, you really have to squint but it's there!
I texted my two best friends/sisters Naomi and Nicole and shared with them my faint positive. The next day (Friday) at work my sister brought me another test and it was negative. I was still hopeful though because it was a blue test and those aren't as good. The next day (Saturday April 16, 2016) I took a digital test and it was positive! Seeing that little "Pregnant" show up on the screen was such a sigh of relief! I was pregnant, for real, no squinting!

April 16, 2016

Now I am 4 months pregnant. 4 months pregnant! I remember being 5, 6, 7 weeks and they were dragging by. We (humans, or maybe just me) have this tendency to look forward in time and think about how awesome it will be "tomorrow" or "a month from now", rather than just enjoying the now. The days were going by so slow. We didn't share our news with our close families until a month after we found out, and another month after that before I shared it with my work, so I think that partially made the time go slower. On that note, it was very special to just have it between us. Our little sweet secret.

Next up: My thoughts and experience in the first trimester.


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