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Monday, 5 September 2016


Ultrasounds are so awesome! What a treat to see the baby in there. How surreal to be growing a little human. Originally I had my 20 week anatomy scan schedule for the middle of August, but being the impatient and anxious person I am, I called and rescheduled it for as early as they would let me - August 2, 2016 (our anniversary!). It went well and baby was measuring right for where I thought she would be (she was measuring for December 21, 2016, we're going with December 24 as her due date). She was healthy and growing perfectly.

A couple weeks later I was starting to get nervous because I hadn't felt her kick yet. That's when I called my nurse and she informed me that I had an anterior placenta. What a relief. That very same day I got a call asking if I was going to make my ultrasound appointment for the next day. What a surprise. I told them I had reschedule but they invited me in anyway to reassure me that baby was good (because I was worried that I couldn't feel her move). She was perfect and growing right on track, measuring perfectly.

I was happy to get another ultrasound because Branden was working for our previous one, and just for the reassurance. Plus, what a treat to see her moving around in there!

19-24 Weeks of Pregnancy!

Whoops! Hah, kind of dropped the ball on updating my blog. I have been decent with updating Instagram weekly though! (usename is claudine.bull). The past 6 weeks have been crazy busy. Some highlights from the past month and a half:

  • My husband and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary. 
  • I have had two more ultrasounds of baby (more on that on my next post) - and she is indeed a girl. 
  • I went from being nervous of never feeling kicks to finding out I have an anterior placenta. I didn't think I did because her heartbeat has been so easy to find from the start. 
  • In the last week or so I've started feeling flutters and in the last couple days actual kicks! So exciting. 
  • I've picked the date I want to start my maternity leave, it's earlier than one would expect, but necessary for my wellbeing. 
  • I think we have her name picked out. I'll do a post on that as well.

In some ways this pregnancy is flying by. Most of the time I am symptom-less. Like 99% of the time, and I am so grateful for that and am thanking the Creator for it. I haven't suffered with any pregnancy symptoms other than headaches in the first 17-ish weeks, some ligament pain and sleepiness. No heartburn, nausea, or whatever other symptoms there are. I am curious to see how the last trimester goes. I keep expecting discomfort. I don't want my experience to be tainted with expectations of how terrible people tell me pregnancy is, but I also don't want to be naive. So far its been truly amazing and wonderful.

I did get a chest infection and visited the ER a week ago because I was having so much difficulty breathing. I posted a bit about it on instagram. I was given some antibiotics, an inhaler, prescribed rest (not going well with work), and some Vitamin C. I am feeling better every day though and I was assured that baby is fine. I also get feedback from her letting me know she's active, so I'm happy for that.

I look more pregnant every day, but sometimes people can't tell, especially depending on what I where. Some days my bump is really small, and sometimes it's a bit bigger. I am feeling the physical limitations of pregnancy every day though. Bending over is much more difficult. I now have to sit on a stool to shower/wash my big dog Goku. I do get out of breath and overwhelmed a bit easier, especially when I'm at work and especially because I am a Type A perfectionist. It's because of this that I will be taking my maternity leave almost as soon as I can.

I daydream all the time about meeting this baby. One thing I always knew about myself was that when I decided to get pregnant and became pregnant, that it would change me and become a huge part of me, and it has. It has dominated a lot of my thoughts and actions. Becoming a mama is so hard in the mental aspect of it. I want to give so much of myself for this baby. I can barely imagine how beautiful but terrifying it is to have her out here, in our world. I also cannot wait!